Aero Strike

This interactive target game allows jumpers to compete against each other to hit designated targets. Earn points for each target hit and work towards reaching the top of the leaderboard.     

Aero Strike


Gamer’s delight! Our Arcade is filled with fun and exciting games that the whole family can enjoy. Earn points and see if you can win the top prize in our redemption area.

Zip Zag Coaster

An aerial amusement ride fueled by gravity. Loved by adults and children alike, every ride is a different experience of twists, spins, and flying out to the sides.

*Riders must wear closed toe shoes. Height and weight restrictions do apply.


If you’ve ever wanted to experience weightlessness like astronauts do, then this is the ride for you.

Xtreme Dodgeball

Grab your crew and see if you got what it takes to last in the Xtreme Dodgeball arena! Compete against friends or complete strangers, but always try and be the last team standing in this high flying game of dodgeball.

Xtreme Dodgeball area
Head to head

Head To Head

Take aim at your opponent’s targets while defending your own in this next level one-on-one competition. Earn points for each successful target hit.

Cardio Wall

The challenging Cardio Wall lets you train your reaction time, stamina, and balance. You can even go head-to-head and compete against friends. 

Mini Golf

Put your putting skills to the test on our 9-hole course. Can your team get the lowest score? Good luck and have fun!

Mechanical Bull

Test your cowboy or cowgirl skills on our Mechanical Bull. You will have the sense of riding a bucking animal such as a Rodeo Bull. How long will you last?

Ropes Course

Take your adventure above the crowds and make your way through our Ropes Course! Maneuver through the 12 different obstacles and finish out your high flying adventure on our Zip Zag Coaster!

*Closed toe shoes required. Height and weight restrictions do apply. 


Soft Play

Our unique 3 story Soft Play area is for kids under 48” tall with an adventurous spirit. Here kids can explore in a safe environment all while having lots of fun!

Valo Jump    

Put your trampoline skills to the test and literally jump into one of our interactive games at our Valo Jump. Two monitors available.


Jump or duck out of the way, but whatever you do, don’t get Wiped Out! With ever changing speeds, the rotating inflatable arm is a crowd pleaser and fun for the whole family!

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